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This is's puppies for sale in Pa. page and we thank you for visiting. Since you have come to this page you probably are searching for a puppy for sale. We are sure that you will enjoy browsing through all the pictures of puppies for sale and that you will find just what you are looking for. We suggest for everyone that is looking to buy a puppy that you follow a few time tested proven steps to insure you get the correct match up of breed and puppy to have a long enjoyable life together.

For everyone who starts looking for a puppy for sale determining which breed of dog to purchase is just as important as to the individual puppy. Every breed is some what unique when it come to their combination of size, temperament , energy , and grooming requirements. The size of the adult dog is usually a easy decision for the buyer since each buyer knows their living environment and the size of dog that they will be comfortable living with. When it comes to the temperament for the breed buyers must take into consideration if they want a breed that will be super friendly, protective , or some where in between. Energy levels of the breed is very important since a family that is the perfect match for a lap dog style of breed would not want to purchase a breed with very high energy levels. A family must know the grooming requirements of the breed they choose to buy because keeping their family member groomed properly will help in the puppy living a long happy healthy life.

After choosing the breed that is correct for the family, you can start to evaluate potential breeders. As you start to call breeders we suggest that you have a list of questions to ask each breeder and make notes as to their answers. Some of example questions to ask each breeder could be how long have you been breeding and how many litters of this breed have you raised ? How old are the parents to the puppies ? What brand of food are you feeding to your dogs ? Are you a state licensed kennel ? Do you perform any genetic testing on your breeders ? Do offer papers on the puppies and if so what registration ? Do the puppies come with any health guarantee and what are the terms of it ? Have the puppies been given any vaccination and if so what were they given and the date ? What worming has been done to the puppies and the date of the worming ? and are the puppies raised in the house with children ?

Once you decide on a breeder to go and visit keep in mind that each puppy will have its own little personality and sometimes the pets true personality will not be shown till it is in its new home. It is not uncommon that there is a puppy in the litter that is very dominant and this can affect how the other litter mates interact with you when you visit them. Also buyers always think that the largest puppy is going to be the largest dog or the smallest puppy in the litter will be the smallest dog and this is not always the case. So enjoy visiting the litter and good luck with picking out your next family member.

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