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Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In Pa

On this page you can easily browse all the Golden retriever puppies for sale in Pa and near by states. The Golden Retriever breeders that post their puppies for sale provide current pictures , prices and videos of the litters they have for sale.
Golden Retriever Information
The Golden Retriever usually gives birth to litters of about 8 pups. The breed lives for roughly 10 to 13 years. Males grow to about 24 inches, while females grow to 22 ½ inches. Males weigh 65-75 lbs., while females weigh 55-65 lbs.
One of the most popular breeds in America, this dog that was originally bred for hunting is also a treasured family pet. The Golden Retriever is considered to be social, friendly, and outgoing. The breed has a sweet, patient, and amiable personality. It is an excellent pet for families with children, as well as a variety of other lifestyles. They are friendly toward visitors, though they also make good watchdogs.
Still used as a hunting dog, this sporting breed is highly intelligent and does well with training. Golden Retrievers are quick thinkers, agile, and strong. They are exceptional bird dogs, and excel in a variety of other areas, including agility, field tests, and the show ring. The Golden Retriever also works as a therapy dog, guide dog, and narcotics dog. The breed is not recommended for use as a guard dog, as it is not typically aggressive.
The Golden Retriever has a moderate level of energy, and does require daily exercise. The breed loves to go for walks, hikes, and bike rides. They also enjoy swimming. The Golden Retriever loves to play, and will enjoy games of fetch and Frisbee.
This breed is considered highly trainable, and more important, easy to train. The Golden Retriever is eager to please its people, and does will with praise and rewards. This breed does not require stern commands, but gentle leadership, as it can be sensitive. The Golden Retriever does well in higher level obedience classes and agility training.
Golden Retrievers are reputed to have an excellent temperament, though some dogs can exhibit negative behavior due to inherited traits or genetic make-up. As a popular breed, the Golden Retriever can be subject to substandard breeding practices and puppy mills. This can lead to a variety of negative traits including aggression, fearfulness, excessive barking, or behavioral tics such as chewing or licking.
The Golden Retriever can be subject to separation anxiety whether it has been bred properly or not. As a dog that loves people, it does not do well when left alone for long periods of time. The breed craves human attention and requires it to be happy and content. A dog experiencing separation anxiety may bark, chew, dig, or form other bad habits.
All Golden retrievers love to chew, so it is suggested that they be provided with a variety of toys and rawhide bones to keep them occupied. Training can help to keep them away from the family’s shoes and books, but it is also important to make sure they have enough play and activity to keep them from becoming bored and destructive.
Golden Retrievers are double-coated. They have a soft, dense undercoat and a thick, long, outer-coat that is waterproof. The hair can be either wavy or straight. The Golden Retriever is considered to be a moderate shedder, though the dog sheds year round. The coat requires some considerable upkeep. Daily brushing is recommended in order to keep loose or dead hairs under control. Brushing will also take care of any dirt or debris that gets tangled in the coat, and prevent mats.
Golden Retrievers, although they have a “waterproof” coat, are prone to a strong odor when they get wet. The breed should be bathed monthly, or as needed. While the dog does not require a great deal of trimming, owners may want to take it to the groomer to neaten up some of the feathering.
The Golden Retriever will need its ears checked once a week and cleaned if necessary. The dog is prone to ear infections, and weekly cleanings will take care of any dirt or bacteria that is trapped. Regular dental care and nail trimmings are also recommended.
The Golden Retriever can be subject to certain health ailments. Again, this is where good breeding practices become important, as genetic conditions should be bred out. Less than reputable breeders and puppy mills do not focus on the overall health of the breed.
Golden Retrievers have a history of joint problems, eye ailments, and skin allergies. More serious health problems can include epilepsy and heart disease. Recently, the breed has experienced a rise in certain cancers. As always, regular vet care is recommended for the health of the breed.
It is important to make sure that the Golden Retriever receives daily exercise and play. The breed is not recommended for apartment living. The dog does well in a fenced in yard, as its “retriever” abilities may lead it to chase after a bird or squirrel.
Training is important as well. It should begin when the dog is young, especially if it is intended for hunting, competition, or another vocation. Older Golden Retrievers are able to be trained as well, though it may take a little more time and consistency.
The Golden Retriever does not necessarily show aggression toward other animals, though it should be socialized early just to be on the safe side. It is said to get along well with other dogs and pets, including cats.
Owning a Golden Retriever
The importance of going with a reputable breeder who can prove bloodlines, health history, and explain their breeding practice cannot be emphasized enough with this breed. A less than stellar breeder can lead to a puppy that has health problems down the road or unexpected behavioral difficulties.
It is important for potential owners to decide if they can provide the dog with the ample amount of attention, time, and activity it needs. Exercise, affection, and attention are essential to successful Golden Retriever ownership.
Golden Retrievers can also be adopted as young, adult, or older dogs through many rescue organizations dedicated to re-homing dogs that are owner surrenders, strays, or rescues. Adopted Golden Retrievers can make excellent family pets.

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