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German shepherds have an average shoulder height of 24 inches and weigh around the lbs. German shepherds are also a long and muscular dog. When looking at German shepherds you will notice that they have very erect ears looking extremely intelligent and almond shaped eyes. Typically German Shepherd dogs have a straight flat back and a low bushy tail and its overall power and dignity are very well seen.

German shepherds originated from Germany and also called GSD dogs. The breed was developed to be very brave and a working dog. Today the German Shepherd dog is a very popular guard dog, search and rescue dog, police dog, pet, and drug sniffing dog.

German shepherds have three different types of coats course and shorthaired coats, witty and long-haired coats, and long-haired. The typical color for a German Shepherd dog stand with a black back and but German shepherds can come in a variety of colors like tricolor, stable, solid black, brown, gray, and typically German Shepherd dogs may not be white but in some countries this is considered a separate breed.

The character of German shepherds is that it is a very unusual intelligent, no, brave, protective and a protective breed. This makes the stalking a highly versatile breed that makes a wonderful companion and great watchdogs that can fit into many lifestyles.

The temperament of German Shepherd dogs are that they are highly active and will not back down from a fight. The breed gets along fine with children, and animals with proper socialization. They are not friendly with strangers and will do what is needed to stop unwanted visitors.

When taking care of a German Shepherd you should be prepared to brush it weekly and sometimes a special cone may be needed to remove dead hair. Since this is a large breed German shepherds can be susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia as well as bloat. The average lifespan are German Shepherd can be expected to be 10 to 15 years.

If you’re looking for an easy dog to train German shepherds are very responsive and are quick to learn new tricks that is why you will find German shepherds doing a wide range of activities and duties.
Please make sure before purchasing a German Shepherd puppy that you do all your research since owning a puppy is a lifelong commitment. Please take the time to evaluate your living situation to make sure you can provide for your new family member you are considering purchasing.
German Shepherd Dog Information
The German Shepherd Dog gives birth to 7-8 puppies and lives for 13-15 years. It is a large to extra-large breed, reaching 77 to 85 lbs. and a height of 26 inches.
The German Shepherd was bred to be a working dog, and turned out to be one of the most versatile breeds for that task. Initially employed as a herding and farm dog, the breed has worked as a watch dog, guard dog, police dog, guide dog, therapy dog, assistance dog, narcotics dog, and search and rescue dog. The breed has a long history as a devoted and dutiful military service dog since World War I, and has continued that career in modern times.
The German Shepherd takes its employment as a working dog very seriously. The breed is confident, strong, and dedicated. The German Shepherd is said to have a dignified and reserved air, and can be considered distant when meeting strangers. The breed is actually quite alert, and takes time to assess the situation before approaching new people. With proper training, a German Shepherd will observe and possibly give a warning bark to its owners when strangers approach. The German Shepherd is extremely intelligent and possesses keen decision making skills.
Despite its dedication as a working breed, the German Shepherd makes an excellent family pet. This is a breed that does not give its friendship easily, and once bonded with a family or owner, that friendship is for life. The breed is extremely loyal to its family, and though protective; they are also affectionate and loving. The German Shepherd is actually quite good with children, and even gets along well with other pets.
The German Shepherd is an active breed, as it was made for working long days. While they do not require a great deal of exercise, they like activity and mental stimulation. As dignified as the breed is, it still enjoys a good run, romp through the yard, or play session. German Shepherds do get bored without enough exercise and activity. The breed is well suited to obedience and agility training, and does well in those activities.
German Shepherds must be socialized. They are not meant to spend long hours without human contact, as they can become bored and destructive. Without attention and affection, the German Shepherd’s natural protective instinct can turn to aggressive behavior. When socializing and training the breed, it is important to temper some of that protectiveness. The German Shepherd Dog is considered to be highly trainable, and actually flourishes with advanced training. The dog is eager to please, learns quickly, and is very adaptable.
The German Shepherd, like other popular breeds, can be subject to less than ideal breeding practices leading to undesirable traits. These can include behavior tics, over-aggressiveness, or fearfulness. These traits are not desired in the breed, though they may present themselves if the pup has been purchased from a breeder that is not careful.
The German Shepherd Dog has a double coat that is considered weatherproof. Hair is medium to long in length. It usually lies flat to the body, and can be straight, wiry, or slightly wavy. It should have a coarse texture.
The dog is fairly easy to maintain in regards to grooming, with the exception of shedding. The breed is a very heavy shedder, and will require frequent brushing to keep it under control. Like other herding breeds, the German Shepherd Dog will “blow” its coat twice per year. This is when the dog loses excessive amounts of loose, dead hair at one time.
Aside from the much needed brushings, the German Shepherd only requires regular dental care, nail trimmings, and the occasional ear cleaning. The breed doesn’t even require bathing that often. In fact, baths are recommended only “as needed” as soap and water strips the protective oils from the dog’s coat.
German Shepherd Dogs were bred to be hardy and resilient. Despite these fine traits, the breed can experience some health problems. These include allergies, bloat, hypothyroidism, and epilepsy. The breed can be subject to certain joint ailments, as well as some eye conditions. Serious health problems include heart conditions, tumors, and pancreatic problems. Regular vet care is recommended to ensure that the dog stays healthy.
The German Shepherd dog will need daily exercise for both its physical and mental health. Games of fetch, walks, runs, and other activities are all suitable for keeping the breed in shape.
Proper training is essential for the German Shepherd, whether it is a family dog or a working dog. The breed should be socialized early on to help temper its protective nature. It should also begin training when young. The German Shepherd needs to have a strong leader, and it is important for owners to establish themselves in that role, otherwise the dog will want to be in charge. The dog must be taught to respond to firm commands and to back down when told to.
The German Shepherd does well in advanced training, including obedience, agility, and canine sports. For German Shepherd owners with the time, these activities may be a worthwhile pursuit, as the dog enjoys learning new skills and being challenged.
The German Shepherd does not require a great deal of space, but it does need a fenced in yard due to its protective nature. The dog should be leashed when on walks and bike rides. The German Shepherd will get along with other family pets, as long as it is socialized properly. However, the breed may show aggression towards stranger dogs or animals intruding in the yard.
Owning a German Shepherd Dog
As stated before, using a good breeder is important. The breeder should be able to provide information about their practice, the dog’s bloodlines, and a health history. These are all things that should be researched before purchasing a puppy. Adult German Shepherds are also available for re-homing through various rescue groups. These groups often provide information about the dog’s personality and behavior.

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