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Border Collie Puppies For Sale In Pa.
Border Collie Puppy For Sale In PA

Border Collie Information
This herding breed gives birth to roughly 4-8 puppies. Border Collies grow to 21 inches at the most, and weigh up to 45 lbs. They live for 12-15 years on average, though it is recorded that some have lived up to 18 years.
Border Collies are considered to have Type A personalities. They love to work, no matter what the job is. They were bred as herding dogs, but excel at agility as well. They have amazing endurance and stamina, and do not want to spend the day lying around the house. They are very intelligent and driven dogs, willing to work closely with their human companions. Border Collies possess a great deal of energy, and can be described as “demanding.” These are busy dogs, who expect to be exercised, played with, and challenged. Border Collies are notoriously slow to mature, and will exhibit puppy like behavior until the age of four, which makes keeping them active and occupied all the more important!
Border Collies are loving and affectionate. They bond well with their humans, and want to be with them at all times. They are good with children and other pets as long as they are socialized when they are young. Because the Border Collie is so connected to its family, it can experience severe separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time. They will become nervous and begin to experience stress leading to destructive behavior such as chewing or digging. They will also bark and howl.
Because they have so much energy and are natural workers, Border Collies become bored very easily. They do not do well with a mundane routine or time alone. Boredom often manifests itself as heading, or herding behavior, though Border Collies have been known to do so just out of habit. They will herd children, the neighbors, other pets, and moving cars.
While Border Collies are affectionate with family members, they may be somewhat standoffish with strangers. Early socialization is important, as it will help to prevent aggression in the breed later in life.

Border Collies are considered to be moderate shedders. They come in a variety of solid, bicolor, tricolor and merle coats, with the texture being either rough or smooth. Smooth coated Border Collies have short hair that is actually quite coarse. Rough coated Collies feature a great deal of feathering and longer fur. Both types have double coats with a rough outer coat and an undercoat that is thick and soft. They will shed more during seasonal changes, but even then, it is not heavy and can be controlled with regular brushing. These dogs only need bathing when they are dirty or have gotten into something smelly, as too much soap and water will dry out the natural oils in the coat. The natural oils, along with those weekly brushing, are what prevent mats.
Other than the occasional shedding, Border Collies are quite low maintenance in the grooming department. The only additional care that is recommended is frequent tooth brushings and routine ear cleanings.
Each breed of dog has its own particular set of health conditions that they are prone to, and the Border Collie is no exception. The Border Collie can be affected with congenital deafness. They can also suffer from hip dysplasia and several joint ailments. Eye diseases such as Retinal Atrophy and Collie Eye Anomaly are another concern. Regular vet visits are recommended, as well as a checklist of symptoms to look out for.
In caring for a Border Collie, the most important thing that can be provided (other than food, water, and shelter) is activity. This is a breed with an extreme amount of energy, a natural instinct to work, and a need to stay busy. They require a minimum of two hours of activity per day, if not more. These dogs were bred to herd sheep in the country all day, so that stamina is built in to their temperament. These dogs do very well on farms or in homes with large yards. They are excellent companions for camping trips, hikes, runs, and long bike rides. They love to play games, and are known as Frisbee experts. They do well with agility and herding contests.
Without enough action, these dogs can develop behavior problems and nervous habits that can be quite severe. They need their minds to be challenged as well as a their bodies in order to prevent the boredom that can lead to such things as chewing, pacing, nipping, digging, and howling.
That being said, the Border Collie has a brilliant mind, and can be trained to do a number of things. They love to problem solve and will even pick up some skills without being taught. Because Border Collies maintain that puppy like behavior through 4 years old, early training is essential in order to prevent some of those self-taught skills from causing mischief. They do well with positive reinforcement and firm, yet gentle commands. They are somewhat sensitive, and will not respond to harsh treatment.
Border Collies are a breed that requires a fenced in yard, although that may not be enough to contain them! Because of that problem solving ability, they are able to figure out how to get past boundaries. Border Collies should be kept on a leash when not fenced in, as they will chase or attempt to herd moving objects, including cars and people.
Owning a Border Collie
The most important thing to consider when getting a Border Collie is whether or not all of that energy and puppy personality can be accommodated by the owner. Potential owners need to consider if they can provide the dog with the amount of space and time it needs. If purchasing a Border Collie puppy, it is best to go with a licensed breeder. Older Border Collies in rescues will also make a great family pet. Both require some time and attention, but will be fun and loving companions in the long run.

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