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American Eskimo Information
American Eskimo Dogs, or “Eskies,” are born in litters of about 5 puppies. There are three sizes they are bred in. The toy American Eskimo reaches about 9 inches tall and weighs in around 10 lbs. The miniature Eskie can reach up to 10 lbs. and 15 inches. The standard size American Eskimo grows up to 19 inches tall and can weigh up to 20 lbs. Eskies live to be about 15 years old.
American Eskimo dogs are known to be friendly and playful. This is a dog that is described as “happy” and is a great pet for first time dog owners. They are a loyal breed and very good with children. Eskies are energetic and crave activities. They love to run and move. American Eskimos are very smart dogs. They do well with problem solving tasks and challenging games and activities.
American Eskimos are considered a high energy dog. They will benefit from a home with a fenced in yard so that they have space to run around. They require daily exercise and stimulation in order to prevent boredom. They are social animals, so being left alone for considerable amounts of time can result in negative behavior. Without active play or games to keep them busy, American Eskimos can become hyperactive or stressed.
The American Eskimo Dog is a loyal companion. They make excellent guard dogs without even being trained! They will instinctively want to protect their home and family. While they will bark at strangers and new people, they do not demonstrate aggression in the same way that other dogs do. Once introduced to a new visitor, they are quick to warm up. They are good around children, but should still be watched as their play can sometimes get too rough. It is suggested that Eskies are socialized with other dogs and animals early on, just to be safe. They are able to share the home with other dogs or pets with little problems.
Eskies are a highly intelligent breed and have a personality that can be described as “dominant.” It is important for the owner to show the dog who the “pack leader” is through proper training and firm guidance. Without it, these brilliant dogs can become quite stubborn and willful. The American Eskimo will want to be the one in charge of the home, and if this is allowed to happen certain bad habits can form.
American Eskimo Dogs are very vocal and will frequently bark. Barking can become a habit or a nuisance if the dog is feeling stressed, neglected, or hasn’t been properly trained. They have a very loud, high pitched bark, and while they can be trained to stop barking, there is no way to prevent it completely.
Because they are a companionable dog, American Eskimos can experience separation anxiety if left alone frequently or for long stretches of time. They can also become quite high strung, and form a habit of spinning in circles. Like all dogs that crave attention, an Eskie who is not receiving attention or exercising regularly can begin to show aggressiveness or wariness. Guarding is another habit the Eskie can pick up, and they will become territorial over food bowls, dog beds, and certain people.
Health and Care
American Eskimo dogs have beautiful white or biscuit cream colored coats. They are notorious shedders. Their fur is double coated and it is recommended that they are thoroughly brushed at least twice a week. Their fur has a tendency to mat, so frequent brushing will not only prevent this, but also the amount of hair that is shed. Eskies do not have require cuts or any kind of grooming other than regular nail trimmings, teeth cleanings, and ear cleanings. Eskies have very sensitive skin and can be prone to sunburn. It is also suggested that they bathe only a few times per year, as the soap and water can strip the natural oils from their skin, causing it to become dry and irritated.
Because of their white coats, Eskies can be prone to tear staining around the eyes. Gently wiping their faces with a damp cloth can help to keep these from building up and becoming uncomfortable.
American Eskimo dogs can be picky eaters. They will exhibit certain food preferences in regards to the types of dog food they will eat. A mix of dry and wet food is what is recommended. Some American Eskimo dogs can experience food sensitivities or allergies that present as upset stomach or vomiting. It is very important to keep an eye out for symptoms when introducing a new brand of dog food.
Like any other breed of dog, the American Eskimo is susceptible to certain health conditions. These include diabetes, epilepsy, and hip dysplasia. Retinal atrophy and juvenile cataracts are ailments that can affect the dog’s eyesight. Less common ailments include LeggeCalve-Perthes disease and patellar luxation. It is important that the dog receives regular veterinary check-ups and care.
American Eskimos will need obedience training, and benefit from advanced obedience training or agility training. Daily exercise is a must for this very active breed of dog. A fenced in yard with a large area for the dog to play is considered best, although the dog also does well in an apartment or condo if they are receiving a significant amount of daily exercise.
Owning an American Eskimo
American Eskimo puppies should be purchased from a licensed, reputable breeder. Older adult dogs can also be adopted from shelters or rescue groups. American Eskimos are often listed on animal adoption websites because their owners were not prepared for the time and care they required. It is best to do ample research prior to purchasing an Eskie. With the right amount of attention, training, and activity, American Eskimo dogs have the potential to be a wonderful family dog. They are great with children and able to adapt to other pets, and their friendly, happy nature makes for a terrific addition to the family.

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